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    I've been building websites since 2001 and have a strong passion for the web. Whether is new tech like Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology or innovations in the online gambling industry and VR technology, if its cutting edge tech then I'm most likely interested. My latest project is an online betting site called GambleRock where you can download casino software, play online casino games and bet on sports. Both free and real money gambling apps are available. Please have a look around and let me know what you think.

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    GambleRock.com is a new social gambling site with live betting odds and live casino dealers. gRock members are part of something new on GambleRock. Its free for players to sign and and new players get exclusive casino bonuses and sports betting promo codes. GambleRock mobile sports betting offers live in game betting on the web's best online sportsbook sites.

    Bitcoin Price: BTC/USD

    I have been trading Bitcoin since the beginning of 2017. My first few BTC/USD price predictions were spot on. However, by mid 2017 I felt it was overvalued and began shorting Bitcoin. I guess you could say 2017 wasn't an amazing year for anyone shorting BTC/USD... LOL.


    Was I the only one?

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